Secure Your Precious Cargo

Every year in Canada about 10,000 children 12 or under are injured, sometimes fatally, in vehicle collisions. Surveys show that as many as one-third of Canadian children are not properly restrained when traveling in motor vehicles. In Manitoba, 80 per cent of child car seats are not used correctly.

No parent willingly puts their child at risk. But sometimes knowing what car seat to choose and how to install it properly can be a challenge.
That’s why Manitoba Public Insurance has introduced the Manitoba Child Car Seat Program.
The Manitoba Child Car Seat Program
The only way to protect children from the dangers of collisions or sudden stops is to ensure they are properly restrained in appropriate child safety seats that are correctly installed.
The Manitoba Child Car Seat Program offers free child car seat inspections throughout the province by technicians who are nationally certified through St. John Ambulance.
Manitoba Public Insurance provides no-cost training, support and information to technicians and instructors. Technicians range from emergency services personnel to community members.